KAUAI ELOPEMENT - Destination Wedding Photographer

If I even begin to describe this day I might wind up in tears. Meet Rachel. My best friend since the first day of college - and her new HUSBAND (OMG!!) Trevor. They are kinda the coolest and sweetest people on the planet. I was there for their first [blind] date 6 years ago and they invited me along for their private elopment on the incredibly beautiful and lush island of Kauai, Hawaii. When it came to wedding details, like where and when, we left it up to Mother Nature. She decided this perfect week in March would include lots of rain, clouds, and wind. No need for the sun when you're on the most beautiful place on Earth. So, when we were out adventuring and found this spot, we just knew. This was it. An hour later we came back - ready to get married!

This sweet ceremony was officiated at the edge of a cliff next to the Ninini Point Lighthouse by Rachel's crazy awesome sister, Taylor, which just made the moment that more tender, personal, and emotional. Yes, it was raining, erasing any attempt at a handcrafted beach wave curl. The wind was blowing hair in our faces. Waves were aggressively crashing against the lava rock shore. The ground was becoming muddy and rapidly turning into a character itself in the portraits below. Vows were exchanged. Promised were made and kept. Tears rolled hard (mine especially) and the rain dropped harder from the clouds above. No moment could have been more perfect.

Enjoy reliving this day with me. XO